Chapter 6: Page 18

posted 1st Nov 2020

Chapter 6: Page 18
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1st Nov 2020, 12:00 AM


She is NOT letting this name thing go.

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1st Nov 2020, 8:32 AM


Bob? Steve?? Bartolomeus???

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8th Nov 2020, 11:38 AM


Bartolomeus is a very good name.

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1st Nov 2020, 9:05 AM

Firefly Jelly

Lance "Action" Savagewood, PhD, Private Detective.

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1st Nov 2020, 4:34 PM


"monsieur bITC-"

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3rd Nov 2020, 11:48 PM


...BitCoin? BitChute?

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9th Nov 2020, 5:59 AM


So much French words here, is the setting suppose to be in France? Or Switzerland perhaps?

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11th Nov 2020, 11:40 AM


Close! The setting is inspired by regency England, but Bijou is part Berrichon du cher, which is a French breed of sheep, hence the occasional French